Die Design

.dwg Tooling Technologies utilizes AutoCAD Release 2002 for 2-D designs & VISI-Progress CAD software, for 3-D Solid Model design, to develop your tooling from concept to completion.  From simple blank & pierce dies to complex progressive and transfer dies, .dwg Tooling Technologies can provide the design & engineering solution to meet your production tooling & equipment needs.  With our capability to do forming analysis and incremental draw simulations using an FEA program called Dynaform by ETA, it gives us the ability to accurately validate our design concepts by showing forming-limit diagrams (FLD's), material thinning, material thickening, material wrinkling tendencies & material springback. 

This level of design accuracy has never been achievable prior to the development of this forming analysis & simulation system.  The benefits to the tool & die shop and production stamping plant come from our ability to use the software to simulate the entire tooling process and thereby reduce the tooling tryout time and the associated cost for producing high quality stamped parts.


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